Videos: EJ Brews: Aged Mead Tasting

After waiting a pathetic two months, EJ can’t wait any longer and tries out his mead he made in this video:
Brewing equipment used (all links earn me commission)
Mead making kit (includes jug, packet of yeast, airlock, yeast nutrient):
Auto siphon:
Bottle filler:
One gallon jar fermenter:
PG tips tea:
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BBQ Equipment
Weber Summit:
Killer Hogs AP Rub:
Slow ‘N Sear Plus:
Weber small chimney:
Weber big chimney:
Weber Lighter Cubes:
Production Equipment Used

Rode VideoMicro (great shotgun mic):
Sony RX100 VA (Blog camera): 
Zoom H2n (sound recorder):
Rode Lav Mic:
Rode Lac Mic adapter:
Nikon d850 (favorite camera):
Tamron 45mm 1.8 (My favorite full frame lens):
Sigma 18-35mm (My favorite crop lens):
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