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Red Cow Entertainment is a Boston-based media group known for comedy cartoons, podcasts, web series, and feature films.

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Recipes Ashley’s Pumpkin Raviolis with Sage Browned Butter Sauce

Featured in “BoxMac 120: Pumpkin Raviolis with Sage Browned Butter Sauce” 1 package (50 sheets) wonton wrappers 1 egg, whisked 2/3 cup pumpkin puree 1/3 cup ricotta cheese 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp

Blog The Other Side, The Filmmaker (by Salvatore Cento)

The Other Side, The Filmmaker by Salvatore Cento The video was already making the rounds and I was late to the party. Two seemingly normal looking men in a normal looking kitchen making a normal plate of macaroni

Images Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman Stills
Recipes EJ’s Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese

Featured in “BoxMac 114: The Fourth Awakens” 16 oz elbow macaroni 1 egg 2 cups of milk 3 tbsp butter melted 3 cups of shredded cheese (I used half gouda and half cheddar) Salt and pepper to taste