Blog I Need to Lose Ten Years

10 years ago, my first feature film, I Need to Lose Ten Pounds screened at a grungy auditorium theater at UMass Dartmouth. You only get your 10th anniversary for a film with “10” in the title once, so

Blog Camera Workflow on Having Fun Up There

The following is a technical blog written by Cyle Gage the week after shooting wrapped on Having Fun Up There. THE PROJECT Having Fun Up There is a feature-length movie about a 30-somethingyear-old musician guy who has a

Blog Geoff on the Musical Choices in Having Fun Up There

The following was written by Geoff Tarulli as an explanation to the cast and crew of what the musical backgrounds of the characters in the film would be. It all must start off with the Ramones. “Please Kill

Blog Why Sexually Frank Exists

Sexually Frank is the first time I’ve had something to say in a film, and the movie was never supposed to exist. On July 21, 2007, I screened A-Bo the Humonkey to a crowd of several hundred locals

Blog Low Budget Cinematography

by Cyle Gage Cinematographer, Sexually Frank I like running gags. Long-running, painful, inside jokes. Especially ones that are too grotesque to be spoken in public. It’s no surprise that I like to surround myself with people who can

Blog Sexually Frank’s Budget

One of the things we tout about is how little this film cost – but surely we spent something. So how much did this movie cost? Depends who you ask. When you have a dual-income, no kids (dinc)

Blog Amateur Filmmaker’s Manifesto: Advice and Anecdotes Learned on I Need To Lose Ten Pounds and A-Bo the Humonkey

I began writing my first feature when I was 14 years old. I, like so many, was inspired by Troma films and B-horror (well, B-anything really. If it was cheap and counter-culture, I seemed to like it) and

Blog The Structure of a Shakespearean Drama (As It Relates to This Production)

Written in 2003 by Nina, when she was 17. Every Shakespearian drama consists of five acts, each with a varying number of scenes. Often a parallel exists between the number of acts and the universal law of living

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