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Jon’s Fast & Easy Buffalo Mac

1 Lb of Prince Large Elbow Pasta
1 Lb of Chicken Breast
1 tbsp of Olive Oil (any type is fine)
About 8oz of American Cheese Ends (Deli Cheese)
About 8oz of Munster Cheese Ends (Deli Cheese)
About 4oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
About 1.5 cups Milk
Feel Free to add other cheese types too – any work
1-2 oz Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce to taste

Cut the chicken breast into cubes, season with salt, and fry in a deep fry pan until cooked though, about 160f with instant read thermometer, remove and set aside.
Start cooking the pound of pasta in salted water in a separate pan.
While the pasta is cooking, tear up the cheese into small pieces and melt over medium heat it in the deep frying pan. It is not necessary to clean the pan in between.
Let the cheese heat up in the pan until it is somewhat melted, then add the milk.
Add 1 cup at first, stirring until the cheese is fully melted. Keep stirring continuously and bring the heat down if it steams.
Add the extra milk as needed to bring the sauce to a good thickness. It should be easy to stir and smooth.
Add the buffalo wing sauce to taste, re-add cooked chicken.
Add the drained pasta to the deep frying pan, and toss in the cheese, and serve promptly.

Additional Tips:
This is also great without the buffalo wing sauce or for an easy delicious home mac.
If you’d like this mac to hold a bit better, such as for a luncheon, add about 3/4 a cup of pasta water to the cheese mix to thin it. It will thicken as it sits.
Any mix of cheese types is fine, just keep it to at least 40% American so it melts smoothly and becomes a nice sauce

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