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Things have gotten even crazier in Junt’s kitchen! In 2018, the gang went to a Vegan Mac festival, tasted some new Oprah Winfrey macs, saw new offerings from Cracker Barrel (while going there on a Tuesday), and celebrated BagTrash’s 100 episode! During the holidays, Junt dressed up as “Junterklaas” and Kraft Keeper directed a Halloween special so awful it’s scary. Make some mac and pop in Volume 5!

Episodes 101 through 124
Commentaries and behind the scenes footage for “Boxdemic,” the 2018 Christmas special, and Bagtrash 100.
Full seasons of UnBoxing Mac, Scavemger Junt, What’s in Junt’s Cart? and No Views.
Snack taste testing, After Hours, and dozens of extra BoxMac videos.

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