Videos: “The Talking Cure” Cinematography Screen Test

I wrote a screenplay about a “pray the gay away” psychologist who uses scary and damaging techniques to help young people turn straight. It’s meant to be a bit of an uneasy horror film. I was going to shoot it to strengthen my abilities as a filmmaker who can work in multiple genres (I was kind of solely comedy at this time), and to broaden my visual directing, but I never quite nailed the tone I wanted for the script, and ultimately chickened out.

This screen test was done with Cyle as the DP, and C.E. Courtney as our adviser, and drawing from photos and cinema for visual inspiration, and improvising in the sound stage was a total joy. I think some interesting discoveries came out of this and it was helpful for me.

The acting is totally bad, these guys did me a favor by being in the test, we weren’t actually SHOOTING a short film here, it was just a cinematography test.

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