Videos: “The Lost Rocky Montage” Remastered

Way back in 2006, popular YouTuber James Rolfe, best known as the angry video game nerd, edited and uploaded a video titled “The Lost Rocky Montage” ( The gag was that because 80s band Survivor did several songs for the Rocky franchise, like Eye of the Tiger and Burning Heart, they missed an opportunity in 1984 to use songs from Survivor’s popular album Vital Signs. James edited together a beautiful compilation of clips to “I Can’t Hold Back,” a Survivor song that would have fit right at home with the Rocky story. Because the song was released in 1984, and Rocky 4 wasn’t released until ’85, James kept his montage to the first three films.

The video was uploaded very early in YouTube’s life, when video quality on the Internet was beyond poor. But being such a fan of Rocky, I found myself returning to this great video time and again, so much so that I decided it needed to be preserved, if only for me. Going shot by shot, edit by edit, I have re-compiled James’ montage using blu-ray copies of Rocky 1 through 3, as well as higher quality audio for I Can’t Hold Back. All of James’ original editing decisions are in tact – I can only take credit for remastering. I present to you now, the Lost Rocky Montage.

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