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Hey, here’s some more details about the anamorphot! I didn’t include it in my review because technical stuff can get long-winded and boring.

Test shots were on the Olympus EM5 mk II.

I used only two lenses for the test shots:
Nikon 50mm AI
Nikon 85mm AI-s

So the step up rings I mentioned are technically called macro couplers. I bought them both on ebay, the first one was a 24-37 female to female Cokin macro coupler (which doesn’t quite fit, but works well enough), and the other one was a 37-52mm male to male macro coupler, which I got from some China seller, I think.

Although it’s a 1.5x adapter, the stretch factor can vary a bit based on how far away you focus. In my primitive, nonscientific studies this is what I found:

Under 1ft you need to squeeze the horizontal axis by 75.2%
2-4ft you squeeze by 69%
5ft and over is true 1.5x so you squeeze by 67%.
Again, I didn’t do no scientific analysis, but roughly that’s what I found.

And one final thing, on my m4/3 camera the widest focal length with light vignetting was 35mm with the metabones speedbooster. So anything above that, and you should be golden. If you have a Blackmagic pocket and an m43 speedbooster, then there should be no vignetting at 35mm.

Anyways, hope that helps! Happy anamorphotting!

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