Videos: EJ Reviews: Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4k

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera has arrived! But not in time for EJ to review it, but the Micro Studio Camera 4k has been here all along, just waiting for anybody to come by and review it. Look, I’ll have pity on you, little camera. I’ll review you. Don’t let your brother cameras who are late to the party get all the spotlight. You have been here all along… I’ve noticed. Just patiently waiting on the sidelines for someone to notice you. Well, that day has come, cutie pie! EJ is gonna take you for a spin. We’ll get some rootbeer floats and maybe go to a drive-in movie.

Actually… you aren’t really my type Micro Studio Camera 4k. I’m sorry for leading you on. I’ve been in love with the Ursa Mini 4.6k all along!!! **weeps and runs off into the dark**

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