Blog: Junt’s Holiday Homestyle Recipe (2016)

Featured in BoxMac 65: Holiday Special 2016 Pt. 2 – Junt’s Homestyle Redux


1 pound fine pasta. Use any upscale pasta.
16 oz white sharp Cheddar, fresh shredded (Cabot recommended)
8 oz Monterey jack cheddar, fresh shredded (Cabot recommended)
4 oz yellow sharp cheddar, fresh shredded. Set aside. (Cabot recommended)
Cream Sauce:
4 tablespoons good butter (Kerigold Salted)
4 tablespoons flour (Any is fine)
32 oz heavy cream (Any is fine)
1.5 tbsp Powered Mustard (Colemans)
2 tsp Salt (Table salt)
2 Room temperature eggs

This extraordinarily rich mac is to be savored, and will easily serve 6-8.

1. Break two eggs into a medium bowl and whisk. Set aside.
2. Preheat oven to 400F.
3. Melt butter in 6qt saucepan over medium heat
4. Bring water for pasta to boil. Salt water.
5. Once butter is melted, add flour, increase to medium high heat.
6. Whisk butter and flour mixture continuously over the heat. Cook until it turns the color of light sand
7. Whisk in the cream, 4oz at a time, letting the mixture absorb heat at each stage. Do not allow to come to boil.
8. As soon as the final 4 oz of cream is added, before it has heated, ladle in about 1/2 cup of the cream sauce into the egg slowly while whisking the egg.
9. Repeat with another 1/2 of cream, continuously whisking.
10. Repeat again. Once done, mix egg and cream mixture into main pot.
11. Add minced onion to cream sauce
12. Add Powdered Mustard and Salt to cream sauce. Add pepper to taste.
13. Allow it to recover heat, but never let it come near a boil. Whisk continuously to keep bottom unburned.
14. When it looks like it’s getting quite hot, begin adding cheese, a handful at a time. Whisk continually. Add all cheese except yellow sharp.
15. Place drained pasta into large baking dish.
16. Pour mixed cream and cheese sauce over pasta and mix gently with a wooden spoon.
17. Spread yellow cheese on top.
18. Bake in oven on one position above middle for 8 minutes.
19. Change oven to high broil and broil for 4-6 minutes until cheese on top begins to turn golden.
20. Remove from oven and serve immediately. It does not hold or keep well.

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