Videos: More Weight: The Making of Having Fun Up There and Other Filmmaking Tales (Audio Book)

Read by Frankie Frain, with asides by Geoff Tarulli, Cyle Gage, and Jonathan Hunt. Chapter narration by Emily Brinkmeyer.

Frankie Frain is an independent filmmaker, animator, and podcaster, best known for feature films such as A-Bo the Humonkey and Sexually Frank, and viral cartoons that lampoon Hollywood directors. In 2013, he directed his fourth feature film titled Having Fun Up There (written by Geoff Tarulli), a story about an artist in crisis.

Here, Frankie describes the entire story behind Having Fun Up There, including the films that preceded, the writing and casting, the nine grueling production days, the edit and color correction, and the film festival circuit and distribution woes.

Learn about the technology, techniques, and philosophies behind Frankie and crew’s production, in this entertaining tool for any beginning filmmaker.

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